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We believe that LOVE, KNOWLEDGE, and WILL can lead Humanity into a New Age of Light, Education, and Fraternity.


We will act tirelessly in every way, in every language, with every partner, and wherever possible.

Our methodology involves Education, Healing and Raising of Consciousness on 7 levels: Body, Heart, Mind, Family, Organizations, Gaia and Cosmos.

It is based on three pillars: Leadership, Love and Surrender.


We will create the New World, within and without us, and we will do this together with you and joining you.

Nicolai dedicates his life to the Humanity's Expansion of consciousness.

Having a nonnegotiable commitment to Spirituality and Knowledge, he believes in a new Age of Education for the Planet. Education based on Consciousness, Love and Community.


As an international Enneagram trainer, author and teacher, he has taught directly to over 15,000 people around the world. His Enneagram videos on YouTube have already reached over 1 million views, and his app, “Enneagram for Leaders” (offered for free in Portuguese and English on Android and IOS) has had over 100,000 downloads in over 40 countries.


His methodology brings together a number of experiences. It includes the Russ-Hudson certification as a teacher by the Enneagram Institute-USA, certification as a teacher by the School of Narrative Tradition (Helen Palmer and David Daniels), and certification as a trainer by the Enneagram in Business (Ginger Lapd-Bogda), as well as his knowledge of Sufism, the Gurdjieff Enneagram and Gnostic Christianity.


He has also participated in the IEA (International Enneagram Association) conferences in the USA, of which he is a professional member. He was also one of the founders of the IEA Brasil (Brazilian affiliate), as well as a lecturer in several Brazilian congresses of the IEA and International Enneagram Summit 2019 (Portugal), the European Enneagram Conference.


He is also a researcher and developer of a number of new transformation approaches using the Enneagram. In 2010 he created a unique methodology called Eneacoaching® (trademark in Brazil), combining various forms and manifestations of the Enneagram with techniques of Bioenergetics, Body Therapy, Mindfulness, Systemic NLP, Coaching, Constellation, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Shamanism, and corporate work involving leadership and organizational culture.

He is the author of the books "Enneagram For Leaders", "The Angel and the Leader", and "Ericksonian Hypnosis - Words that Heal”. He is also coordinator and co-author of the books “Coaching with the Enneagram”, “Enneagram and NLP” and “Coaching with Hypnosis”.


He graduated as an engineer at the University of São Paulo (USP) and worked at EMBRAER (Brazilian aerospace conglomerate) in the area of international relations with government authorities. He has participated and led missions in several countries, including the USA, Canada, England, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Greece, having also lived in France, Spain and Australia. In 2007 he founded Iluminatta Escola de Transformação, where he worked until October, 2019.


He is a Systemic NLP Trainer certified by the Neuro-Linguistic Programming University - USA (Robert Dilts), an International Coaching Community (ICC) Certified Coach, a Situational Leadership Trainer certified by the Ken Blanchard Institute and a specialist in Designing Leadership Academies and Corporate Education.


He has developed Leadership (including C-Level and Executive Board) and Cultural and Digital Transformation programs in large organizations for over ten years, including: Natura, Engie, Portugal Telecom, Itau, Vivo, Unilever, Embraer, and many others.


Founder of the Núcleo da Consciência and President of the Sociedade Brasileira de Eneagrama (Brazilian Enneagram Society). He lives in Mogi das Cruzes, SP, where he was born, by choice and love. Son of Erli and Juca Cursino. Tais's fulfilled husband. Gael (8) and Benicio's (6) daddy.

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Acreditamos que o AMOR, o CONHECIMENTO e a VONTADE podem levar a Humanidade a uma Nova Era de Luz, Educação e Irmandade.


Atuaremos incansavelmente de todas as formas, em todas as línguas, com todos os parceiros, e em todos os lugares possíveis.

Nossa metodologia envolve a Educação, A Cura e a Elevação da Consciência em 7 níveis: Corpo, Coração, Mente, Família, Organizações, Gaia e Cosmos.

Se sustenta no tripé: Liderança, Amor e Surrender (Rendição).


Criaremos o Novo Mundo, dentro e fora de nós, e faremos isso junto com você e juntando-se a você.